Full Movie: Watch The Hunger Games Online Free DIVX

March 27th, 2012

Full Movie: Watch The Hunger Games Online Free DIVX

Full Movie: Watch The Hunger Games Online Free DIVX

IMDB RANK = 8.0/10

  • Movie quality = DIVX
  • Released date = 23 March 2012 (USA)
  • Genre: Action | Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Watch The Hunger Games Online Free DIVX

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    Lately alot of movies were adaptions of books. After the big hits like Harry Potter and Twilight it was the turn of Hunger Games. With a good marketing the buzz of this movie continues to grow. The movie is primarly intended for younger audiences and also it wants to attract fans fot Twilight, as an example. Hunger Games is directed by Gary Ross who is most known for Thoroughbred – The Legend Of Seabiscuit from 2003 and Pleasantville from 2998. This name sounds very exciting and we should see if he rises to his name. Hunger Games is experienced through the eyes of Jennifer Lawrence who plays Katniss Everdeen, a heroin addict, athletic figure and determined to protect his family from any danger. District 12, the paradise of heroine, looks like the concentration camps from world war 2 and adding the effects of new technology and the effects looks pretty interesting. The films shows a twisted image where the young are supposed to kill. Maybe the movie looks superficial but Hunger Games different levels of reading. Mixing the views on war and stardandization of the new generation, the main subject openly criticizez the media system. The coldness with which television deals with death and especially the scourge that invaded the tv in the last years: reality tv. Hunger Games is based on this concenpt, the game where the young have to kill eachother is retransmited television. Nothing is fogotten, from the fans of the shows to the most elaborate if the viewers. The movie is pg-13 although some scenes are extremly violent and creepy. Hunger Games has some fun in it. Particuraly important is the scenes where the young are released into the wild, but brief shots and the fast movement of the camera are making the scene good. It all happenes in North America, The Capitol wich is the capital of the ruthless nation Panem. Each year in this city they have the Hunger Games where all of the 12 districts are required to send one boy and one girl to compete in this games. The purpose of the hunger games is to stop people from rebeling and it’s a goverment strategy to intimidate the people. The winner of the games is the last man standing. part brutal, part entertainment the event is televised in the enitre country and everuone is required to watch. Main character of the movie is young Katniss, which takes the spot of her younger sister to compete in the games. She and her male partner Peeto find themself facing opponents much more trained that prepared to play the game for their whole lives. Her only asset is her instinct and her mentor, Haymitch Abernathy, who won the hunger games in the past but now he is an alcoholic. Katniss finds herslef in making impossible decision between survival and humanity , between life and love. Everything about the movie looks good and on 23 march we’ll see if it will be a big hit as Twilight or harry Potter.


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