Watch Green Lantern (2011) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

June 16th, 2011

Watch Green Lantern (2011) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

Watch Green Lantern (2011) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

IMDB RANK = -.-/10

  • Movie quality = DIVX
  • Released date = 17 June 2011 (USA)
  • Genre: Action | Crime | Sci-Fi
  • Watch Green Lantern (2011) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

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    I was fortunate to know some friends that own a movie theater here in Texas that allowed me to come and preview the Green Lantern reel with them last night at their movie theater. I will say up front I am a Green Lantern fan and a fan of comic book movies. With that said I am more than willing to point out flaws in a movie and even trash a movie I hoped would be good and it was not. What makes this movie great? 1.) The CGI effects for this movie are way better than I even imagined they would be. I was one of those that were scared about the CGI because the first teaser trailer was absolute crap. After seeing the movie I was blown away by the CGI, and if anyone says that it is crap they are just being a troll bottom line. 2.) The overall story is fantastic. Changes have been made from the comic’s lore such as what happens to Sinestro, but they were easily acceptable and I did not have any problems with the changes. 3.) The movie is action packed from beginning to end. I tend to judge the quality of the movie by whether I checked my watch during the movie. I did not do that once. It is well paced and I did not feel it dragged at all. The first 10-12 minutes absolutely hook you into the movie and it does not slow down from there. 4.) When the audience is finally taken to OA for the first time it is just awesome! The creators of this movie did an amazing job of opening the audience up to an all new world and universe. This is where the movie stands out in my opinion. You really do get pulled into the whole idea of the Green Lantern Corps and OA, and I wish more of the movie could have been on OA. 5.) Ryan Reynolds is a fantastic Green Lantern. I had my reservations at first but this is a great example of the Michael Keaton affect. I remember when Batman 1989 was coming out people were up in arms when they found out Mr. Mom/Beetlejuice was Batman, but once they saw the movie he was instantly accepted. I think it will be the same thing here with Ryan Reynolds. By the end of the movie I could not imagine anyone else as Hal Jordan. The transformation of cocky test pilot to hero is great. I give Ryan Reynolds and Martin Campbell real props for Hal’s characterization. 6.) HOLY COW IS MARK STRONG AWESOME AS SINESTRO. As great as I felt Ryan Reynolds was as Hal Jordan, I think we have another Jack Nicholson/Joker thing here. In Batman 1989 Jack’s Joker in many ways overshadowed Keaton’s Batman, and Strong’s Sinestro almost does that. He was the absolute best choice for Sinestro, and he did a great job as that character. That is all I have to say about that topic because he was that good. 7.) The 3D is fantastic. It is clear that it was shot in 3D because it was amazing the whole time. I have seen a lot of 3D movies since Avatar, and this is one of the best ones that I have seen. I highly recommend seeing Green Lantern in 3D especially if you only plan on seeing it one time in the theaters. I believe the 3D really added to the entire experience. 8.) The costume is a lot better in the movie than I imagined it would be. To see the power of the ring manifest itself into the costume was brilliant. The trailers did NOT do a good job capturing that I felt, and I loved the costumeā€¦from the knees up. The problems with Green Lantern: 1.) Blake Lively. I knew when I heard she was being cast as Carol Ferris the movie was in trouble in that department. She is absolutely beautiful there is no question about that, but her performance is comparable to Denise Richards in James Bond’s The World’s Not Enough. I am not going to say it was God-awful but let’s just say she was definitely cast in that role as eye candy, and to maybe bring in her Gossip girls audience. I don’t know. 2.) The dialog is not bad by any means (especially compared to other comic book movies), but it is not the strong point. Does it hold the movie back…no I do not think so, but as I said at the beginning of my review I wanted to be honest here. 3.) The costume is great and I enjoyed seeing the ring’s power manifest itself through the costume, but the mask and the eyes bothered me. I could not stand his feet. Looked like skeleton feet and that just looked bad. Not a big deal I think but it will distract you when you see it. I felt the mask should have just whited out his eyes completely. The little black beedy eye was weird. In conclusion, Green Lantern is the best comic book movie of 2011, and one of the best movies of the year IMHO. It introduces us to an amazing universe, has great supporting characters (minus Blake Lively), and leaves you wanting more with promises of that (ending is great and wide open for some more). I feel it was definitely better than Thor, and for what it offers as an overall package better than X-Men: First Class. It has huge appeal to all audiences, and to be honest I think this could be one of the softer PG-13 movies I have ever seen. I would not be afraid to take older kids to see this movie at all. I think kids will love this movie, the ladies will love this movie, and the comic book nerds will absolutely love this movie.


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