Watch The Expendables (2010) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

August 16th, 2010

Watch The Expendables (2010) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

Watch The Expendables (2010) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

IMDB RANK = 7.9/10

  • Movie quality = DIVX
  • Released date = 13 August 2010 (USA)
  • Genre: Action | Adventure | Thriller
  • Watch The Expendables (2010) FULL MOVIE Online Free DIVX

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    A group of bounty hunters called The Expendables fight pirates and drug lords, and play knife darts on their lunch break. That’s the synopsis, so let’s talk about execution. I think it’s fair to draw comparisons with the recent The A-Team. In The Expendables the plot is less imaginative and more repetitive, with the fellas flying in and out of the island with some Mickey Rourke mumblings in the middle (supposedly to give it emotional core). And the good guys are kind of bland, especially the bore of an action star Jason Statham. The baddies however, mainly Steve Austin, have real character and charisma in this one. I also think Dolph Lundgren steals the show from Stallone, who’s the central character but kind of acting as the coach and not the biggest player. You know a good one liner when you hear one, not when you read one. Much is in the delivery, and the context. With a film like this the screenwriters put themselves in an easy situation by having The Expendables compete with each other, cracking jokes like regular buddies do. I think Terry Crews got the best one with “He says you’re dead in foreign language”. No surprise however, Arnold Schwarzenegger got the biggest laughs just by showing up. The subplot involving Jason Statham and Charisma Carpenter should have been left at the cutting room floor, even the fight scene that came out of it. Yep, shaky cam is involved with most of the action scenes and it sucks most of the time. The fights themselves are mainly good, however. This is the closest to pro wrestling choreography a main stream film has got like ever, with the exception that actual pro wrestling is filmed much better. You see Sly doing a choke slam, and everyone is doing body slams. Someone did a jack-knife power bomb as well. The film like many of its ilk cater to those short of attention span, keeping the camera-work hectic not once having the guts to try if anything that goes on has legs to stand on its own. The end result, in this case, is not as much annoying but so and so. Watching a film like this is an okay way to spend some time, but nothing that goes on rises above mediocrity. Not saying it even tries, by the way. There’s just one more thing – I think Dolph Lundgren would have won the fight against Jet Li.


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