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According to the 2012 animated film, Count Dracula ran “Hotel Transylvania” as a resort for monsters who wanted to get away from the humans who frighten them. One day, a human boy named Jonathan stumbles upon the existence of this hotel and falls for the Gothic charms of Dracula’s daughter Mavis. Being the over-protective dad that he was, single-dad Dracula does everything to keep the two from falling in love.

In this sequel, Jonathan and Mavis got married and have a son Dennis. Dracula was very concerned that his grandson Dennis was already turning five, but was not showing any signs of being a vampire. So while Mavis and Jonathan fly to California to visit his parents, Dracula and his wacky gang of monsters bring Dennis to a vampire summer camp, hoping the kid’s fangs come out faster.

From the poster alone, we already know that this sequel will be a cute juvenile romp with delightful “monsters”. The story line is reminiscent of other films, like “Sky High” or “The Incredibles,” about the distress caused by an offspring who apparently did not have the superpowers of his parents. In the first film, the laughs came from Dracula struggling with the problem of his daughter falling in love with a human. In this sequel, it was also Dracula’s struggles about this grandson that make this film funny (mildly) more than anything else.

Since this is a sequel, the artwork was basically the same as the first one, with most of the characters coming back to reprise their roles. Curiously, the look of the new main character baby Dennis was not at all original. With his full head of wild curly red hair, Dennis looked almost exactly like the baby brothers of Merida in “Brave.” The design of Great Grandpa Vlad and more so his scary sidekick Bela and his army of ghoulish vampire bats could be the stuff of nightmares for very young kids. The special effect of flames looked very good.

Adam Sandler’s voice was very apparent as Count Dracula. You can totally imagine him talking in that “Dracula” accent. The cast list boasts of an impressive roster of noted comedians past and present who were all able to project their comic personas through their voice work for their characters. Of course, Sandler’s usual movie posse is there composed of Kevin James (as Frankenstein), Steve Buscemi (as Werewolf Wayne), and David Spade (as Invisible Man Griffin). Andy Samberg plays the goofy Jonathan opposite teen star Selena Gomez as Mavis. In smaller supporting roles are Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman (as human grandparents Linda and Mike), Dana Carvey (as Camp Counselor Dana), Fran Drescher (as Frankenstein’s wife Eunice), and the most esteemed Mel Brooks (as Vlad).

This another one of those zany, hyper, and yes, predictable animated films for the juvenile set, ultimately not too memorable. Despite the illustrious cast of comics though, the big laughs in this film are only few and far between. At most, a smile or a little chuckle here and there are all you get. Despite some disturbing scenes of apparent child endangerment in this film, you know this is all done in the spirit of silly fun and nothing bad is really going to happen. 5/10.

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Sometimes you don’t need a film to try and change the world, make bold political or societal statements or even be shocking. Sometimes it’s good enough to be an audience member who can just sit back, relax and enjoy the show… and smile. That’s the kind of movie you get when you sit down to enjoy “The Intern” (PG-13, 2:01).

Robert DeNiro plays the title character, a retired 70 year-old widower who has become bored with his life. After 40 years in the business of printing telephone books and then losing his beloved wife of 42 years, he did his best to adjust to his new life, and it worked – for a while. He traveled the world and engaged in a wide variety of physical and intellectual pursuits to keep himself occupied, but it wasn’t enough. When walking the streets of his native Brooklyn, he sees a flyer for a senior intern program at a young, but burgeoning internet clothing company. Ben feels that learning more about technology and working with young people feels like just the challenge he needs to occupy his mind and his time. He applies, via a terrific self-made video (the company’s requirement), and sits through a series of amusing interviews with company employees young enough to be his grandchildren… and he gets the internship.

Ben ends up working directly for the company’s very capable, but over-extended founder, played by Anne Hathaway. The senior intern program was her idea, but Jules is initially hesitant to deal with Ben personally on a daily basis. She’s a perfectionist who’s constantly on the go. She’s difficult to work for and she knows it. She loves and respects all 220 of her employees, but her motto might as well be “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.” Yet, it’s hard to resist Ben’s earnestness, strong work ethic and wise, calming presence. After a little awkwardness as Ben and Jules both try to figure out how he can best serve his new boss, he ends up becoming her driver. In this capacity, he gets to know Jules’ stay-at-home husband (Anders Holm), their precocious, but adorable young daughter (JoJo Kushner) and, most importantly, Jules herself, in all her earnestness, anxiety and vulnerability.

It turns out that, at this stage of the game, Jules needs Ben’s wisdom and support more than she’d be willing to admit – to him or herself. Her company is growing so fast and she’s so hands-on that one of her assistants (Andrew Rannells) tells her that the investors would like to see her take on a CEO. This would lighten her load, but it would also mean effectively giving control of her company to someone else. She half-heartedly interviews people to be her potential boss, not sure that this is the best move, but wanting to do right by her employees and her marriage, which is starting to suffer due to the demands of her very busy schedule. In the midst of all this, Ben becomes a sounding board and occasional advice dispenser for Jules, a very helpful co-worker and kind of pseudo uncle to a small group of the company’s young employees (played by Adam DeVine, Zack Pearlman, Jason Orley and Christina Scherer) and a possible love interest for the company’s full-time in-house masseuse (Rene Russo).

Ben is at the story’s center, but it’s the great mix of interesting characters and subplots that makes this movie so worthwhile. DeNiro has rarely been more pleasant to watch, or Hathaway so winning, as they lead an ensemble cast that complements each other wonderfully. Nancy Myers’ amusing and purposeful script and direction highlight the virtues of women making the most of their lives, but never hits us over the head with her message. Jules is simply a modern woman who’s very likable and subtly inspiring. A scene in which some of Jules’ employees break the law to help her with a pressing personal problem is fun, but seems misplaced, and the resolutions to some of the story’s conflicts seem a little trite, but, overall, this is simply a delightful film that I’d recommend to anyone. “The Intern” isn’t perfect, but is definitely worth having around. “A-”

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A movie that’s as stunning and as majestic and as spellbinding as mount Everest itself. Even for many of us who’ve never been to Nepal, just the fact that Everest is the world’s highest mountain requires us to respect it from afar. And I think that’s what this film by director Baltasar Kormakur has accomplished, it respects the story, it respects the nature and it respects the memories of the lives lost during that tragic 1996 expedition.

Baltasar is an Icelandic filmmaker who knows how to shoot a film in such an environment where the weather can be unpredictable and it can go against you at anytime. He didn’t want all of this movie to be shot entirely in a studio, this is not entirely visual effects work, they actually went to Nepal and some of the other locations include Val Senales, Italy. It’s out there in the elements, outdoors locations that force even the actors themselves to leave their trailer comfort zone behind. And that is evident on screen, it really shows, because every single frame successfully makes us the audience feel like we’re there, we feel the danger, as if we’re there climbing the mountain, feeling the pain that comes with excruciating cold because human bodies aren’t design to survive such temperature. I think the timing of the arrival of this movie could not have been more perfect. If EVEREST was made a decade or fifteen years ago, for example, when filmmaking technology and the cameras weren’t as advanced, I’m not sure if it could’ve given us a movie-watching experience of this quality. This is not a heist thriller ala 1993’s “Cliffhanger,” this is an epic survival drama.

Many of us are familiar with Jon Krakauer’s book, “Into Thin Air” since he himself was one of the climbers, but this movie is not an adaptation, because it’s also loosely inspired by other accounts, other books about that same expedition, so in a way, what the scribes William Nicholson and also Simon Beauty and filmmaker Baltasar gave us is a reimagining but one that captures the essence and I think that’s what the actors themselves aimed to do. Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Jason Clarke, all of them play these real characters that have families, some may have personal issues, and so the backstory or who’s waiting for them on the other side of the world serve as an emotional anchor and a driving force. But you only get a glimpse of it, the script doesn’t spend too much time in every last one of them, there are too many grounds to cover, so it provides just enough and then brings the attention back to this whole man vs. nature, this ordeal at hand, all over again, just like one of the characters says in the movie, “The last word belongs to the mountain.” EVEREST movie does make me wonder why anyone would want to climb mount everest, but it’s basically the same as asking ourselves why we do certain things, why we choose to attempt to conquer certain goals, whatever they may be, whether it’s the need to inspire and be inspired, whether it’s trying to escape our problems, whether it’s the love of the climb, EVEREST goes to show that that desire could be both prideful and humbling.

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Probably the best film I’ve seen in 2015 so far, along with Mad Max.

Since I’m a book nerd, I did expect much from this film, and I got even more. I am actually not sure which one is better.

There’s a lot of changes for sure, but I consider it to be a positive thing since you get two awesome things, not only one.

Great effects, great cast. A good sense of humor and some high class action. It’s like 10 genres combined in one film. Not suitable for children though, in my opinion. The guy, 25+ years old, that was sitting next to me was scared as hell. Cranks do look somewhat scarier then the walkers in TWD, and are faster and more aggressive.

Comparing to the first film, you can imagine The Maze Runner being a toddler, and The scorch trials being an adult. It is definitely more serious and hardcore.

One more film TST has reminded me of was Snowpiercer, so if you’re a fan you’ll definitely like it.

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The only time I ever recall of being terrified of Johnny Depp as a character was in Sweeney Todd and I never thought he could top that performance.

But I stand corrected, his performance as Whitey Bulger is not only terrifying as hell but one of the best performances Depp has ever pulled off! This is the type of the film that makes you want more and more after each scene is done all the way towards the end, and the supporting characters really help Black Mass reach its full potential of hitting the right spots for a moviegoer. Scott Cooper did an amazing job in this biopic he also she be up for best director, Joel Edgerton steals the spotlight in some scenes and bloody nails it in all the screen time he gets. This film also has a nice funny side to it as well which really makes you laugh then BAM all seriousness. By far probably the best film I have seen this year!

Deserves more than 10/10

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visceral drug trade thriller pulls no punches in its grim depiction of the cross-border traffic between Mexico and the States.

This time french-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve who gave the viewers a kidnap drama suspense hit international movie “prisoners”. Now coming back to screen with a action crime flick.

Emily Blunt takes the role of Kate Macer, an FBI field agent plunged in the powerful world of a drugs cartel as well as she trying to make her way to get a better rank for herself. She delineates perfectly the emotional conflicts of a woman working with violence and corruption on a daily basis.

*picks from trailer* The opening sequence in which rows of rotting corpses are found in a home in Arizona belonging to the cartel sets the tone for the helter skelter ride to follow in which Villeneuve sustains the knife-edge tension without a blip.

Nobody is who they seem to be, least of all Josh Brolin who suggests that he may be a defence contractor although Kate and her partner (Daniel Kaluuya) believes he may be from the CIA.

Also emerging from the shadows is Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro, an enigmatic figure who is the sicario of the title – in other words a hit-man whom you never where he is going to turn up next or on whose side he will be.

Although the violence is wince-inducing it is never gratuitous in the context of this particular world, where human beings are completely dispensable.

it’s basically a great action thriller movie. A must see

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A well-crafted biopic about one of the greatest matches in history. A career-defining performance by Tobey Maguire. Who knew that a movie about a game of chess could be so suspenseful and riveting. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of it.

Director Ed Zwick is the man who gave us “Glory,” “The Last Samurai,” “Defiance,” basically movies that have epic battlefield sequences, so it’s interesting that his battlefield has been scaled down to the size of a chessboard but it’s just as colossal, this is a story back in the era when the whole world was watching which of the two ideologies, United States or the Soviets would ultimately win, tension was running high but instead of bullets or nuclear weapons which both regions did have, it all came down to between Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) and Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber) and even if the movie may or may not want to preach about which is the ultimate victor, it did capture the animosity in the air, so sharp it can cut through glass, the hatred against communism at the time.

Written by Steven Knight, who gave us “Eastern Promises,” and “Locke,” I think Knight gives in to Hollywood’s long-held fascination with brilliance and madness, it’s a lot like “A Beautiful Mind,” where a person is so brilliant that his mind just snaps. Now, I didn’t grow up knowing a lot about Bobby Fischer, my dad taught me how to play chess when I was a kid, but I was terrible at it, which is why I turned to soccer. My point is, I don’t know how out of touch Fischer really was, and this movie itself is not a straight adaptation, but I think PAWN SACRIFICE accomplishes what it set out to do from the start, this correlation between genius and paranoia or insanity.

Mad props to actors Tobey Maguire and Liev Schreiber who, under the direction of Ed Zwick, successfully manage to dramatize the game of chess. Because chess matches are usually silent, so everything heavily relies on the actors’ facial expressions, it’s all in the eyes and the body language in order to understand the game’s intensity. The movie has to also entertain those who may not play chess and so it does, and it’s a testament to the amazing performances by Maguire and Schreiber.The movie also brings up a good point that I think would leave the audiences conflicted. Because we would feel like Bobby Fischer would need medical treatment, but a part of us also don’t want to hinder or get in the way of brilliance, out of selfish reasons of course, because we would want that brilliance to work in our favor. We badly want to see the master play but at what cost.

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I got invited to catch a late night flick and didn’t have many options to choose from at 12am. My choices were between The Visit and The Perfect Man, so we decided on this film. I went in with the lowest expectations ever, even questioning my decision and considering just calling it a night and getting some much needed sleep instead, but ultimately decided to give it a shot.

To my surprise, this film had me laughing out loud, at the edge of my seat and even made me jump one or two times. This is a very clever film with two awesome young actors who just stole the show. Great storyline which keeps you looking for answers and also provides a good message.I think the previews or marketing has failed this film as it does no justice to such a well produced movie.

Overall I recommend this to anyone, whether you like horror or comedy or even drama, I suggest you give The Visit a shot just like I did, because you will be pleasantly surprised!


When Becca (Olivia DeJonge) and her little brother Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) take the initiative to visit their grandparents, despite their mother (Kathryn Hahn) being estranged from them for years, they look forward to getting to know them. When the children arrive, things between them and their Nana (Deanna Dunagan) and Pop Pop (Peter McRobbie) are everything they hoped it would be. However, as their visit progresses, their grandparents begin to show some very unsettling behavior. At first they brush it off and blame old age, but the behavior begins to grow more and more disturbing.

In the newest film by M. Night Shyamalan, he returns to the horror genre ever since the not- so-favorable The Happening in 2008. This time he is taking the step of combining comedy with horror. The trailer portrayed the film as being a horror film, but featuring tidbits of comedy. It was an interesting approach and definitely caught my attention, but I was still going to go in with low expectations (despite enjoying certain disliked Shyamalan films). As the film began it did have some great promise to it by easing us into the world of the characters and going with as little knowledge of the grandparents as they did. It starts off light-hearted enough with quirky grandparents/grandchildren moments that bring laughs. When the events turn and things become dark, this also manages to keep your attention, while at first not thinking quite too much at first. Some of the creepier moments emit laughter that is purely out of unease (particularly the great hide and seek scene, which I was hoping the setting there would have come into play later). Then, as things escalate you begin to feel more nervous about this couple. It all leads to a very thrilling final act that leave you on edge as to what is just going to happen. However, this is where the good things I have to say about the plot comes to an end. I knew going in that this wasn’t going to be a straight up horror film. and that it featuring a good amount of comedy. I am all for horror comedies or dark humor in horror films, but the comedy here just felt so out of place and confused the plot and flow of the story. I appreciated most of the comedic aspects, but there was a line that I thought should have been drawn where the comedy ends and the actual horror begins. Instead, it becomes an unbalanced mess that almost makes it seem as if Shyamalan had no idea what exactly he wanted the film to be. I would go so far as to say that the comedy ruined the horror elements. If this would have been more of a horror film with just small dashes of comedy, it would have been much more affective. The last two scenes I also want to add brought down the film a lot. If those would have been axed the ending would have better. The plot also drowns in too much family mellow drama that made me want to barf. The film would also have benefited much more if it only had traces of the documentary style footage but was mostly a regular format production and would have faired better with a good and creepy score.

As far as the cast goes, they all do a fine job. Although I personally didn’t care for either of the children at all due to both of them being really annoying and often times stupid, the two young actors do a fine job with the roles when it comes to expressing the fears and other emotions that they are supposed to feel. Kathryn Hahn, while hardly present, provides a quirky mother performance that she easily sells, but also does a good job of the more emotional moments. She does come off a realistic mom more often than not. As for the grandparents, it is Deanna Dunagan that provides the best performance of the whole cast. She can play the sweet and innocent Nana one moments and instantly change character into the terrifying old woman who creeps around at night and displays uneasy vacant expressions. Peter McRobbie does well with the role of Pop Pop, but he isn’t given as much to do as Dunagan, which is rather unfortunate because I feel he had the ability to do more.

The Visit is a film that will divide people. I do not think it was horrible by any means, but I do feel that M. Night Shyamalan should have decided what he really wanted the film to be. And to me it would have worked better as a horror movie with just traces of horror. Instead it just becomes an awkward mess that left me unsure of just what I was supposed to feel. And despite the dislikability of the two children, they, and the rest of the cast, especially our two senior actors, do a standout job.

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After a painful breakup, successful lobbyist Leah Vaughn (Sanaa Lathan) jumps into a passionate relationship with a charming stranger (Michael Ealy). When her ex-boyfriend (Morris Chestnut) resurfaces in her life she has to figure out who she should trust and who she should fear.

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This movie encourages hearts and minds to seek God in Prayer!!! To fight on your knees and to step out of the way and allow God to work it out!!! Although this is at times easier said than done War Room shows that it is not impossible. War Room also conveys the sincerity and diligence required when seeking the Lord. As I draw closer to him, he will draw closer to me. War Room is all about building a relationship with God that has a foundation of communication! God is Awesome not because of what he can do for me, but because of who he is to me. I would see this over and over again. Highly recommend this move to all, Christian or not. This is life changing ministry, to God be the glory! The Kendrick brothers hit the nail on the head with this, my prayers and thoughts go out to them. God please bless and keep them as they continue to grow in you!


This movie is POWERFUL and life changing. Why is that? Because it does not compromise the Word of God and it is so real. The bible tells us the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. And again, this movie gives you the Word of God straight up which for true Christians who love the Word of God is PERFECT. I highly recommend this movie for everyone but especially those who are looking to grow up in Christ and are ready to receive the full benefits that come from a powerful prayer life. Husbands and wives, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, families, church groups, get out together to see this movie then go home to make your own War Rooms. More prayer, more power!

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‘A Walk in the Woods’ (2015) is the long awaited adaptation of the beloved 1998 book by Bill Bryson. And I have to say, as a huge fan of the book, I was extremely excited to hear that this was finally being made into a movie. I also have to say it was one of the most disappointing cinema experiences of my life. The film follows Robert Redford as author Bill Bryson as he makes an ill attempted trek along the famed Appalachian Trail with his long estranged friend Steven Katz, played by Nick Nolte. Despite the fact that both book and film have the same tag-line premise, this movie was about as far away from the source material as it could possibly get.

Visually speaking, it was incredibly boring. Stylistically reminiscent of a Hallmark Channel flick, I expect to see this movie playing in the waiting room of my local dentist office. Despite the fact that the plot revolves around two geriatrics traversing an expansive and rugged mountain trail, roughly two thousand miles of track stretching from Georgia to Main, well over half of the movie takes place in diners, motels, laundromats, and the local Kmart. What parts of the film do take place on the trail are close shots of camping tents or convenient mountain ledges that vaguely reveal just enough of the surrounding nature that the audience can tell the scene takes place outdoors.

This is robs the film of its core plot line. Director Ken Kwapis took all of the natural beauty from the movie and replaced it with cheap gags and old men bickering to each other.The title of the movie is ‘A Walk in the Woods’ but maybe a more appropriate title would be ‘Stumbling through the Parking Lot’. All of Bryson’s rich and moving commentary about the history of environmental thought in America is summed up with an offhand comment by Redford about a tree.

The dialogue and writing is almost entirely composed of tired clichés that I feel like I’ve seen better in a thousand other films. Kwapis forced the theme of dealing with regrets in later life and having one last adventure before buying the farm. What he ends up with is a few painfully awkward scenes between Redford and Mary Steenburgen as Bryson considers having an affair on his wife (played by Emma Thompson). Nolte’s Katz later tries to pick up a woman in the laundromat and the intrepid hikers must escape out a window, just as the audience ponders escaping the theater.

The poor writing and forced jokes are almost unbearable; an opinion apparently shared by the cast of the film, as none of them seemed to want to be there. This leaves the audience to watch stiff, awkward, and disjointed performances from the otherwise talented actors. Redford’s Bryson comes across as elitist, judgmental, and boring. While Nolte’s Katz is indescribably hard to watch; hobbling along the trail at an improbable pace given his many supposed ailments and gargling out enough F-bombs as to make the dialogue seem lopsided. Thompson almost seems embarrassed to be in the three scenes in which she appears.

It is unclear as to the intended audience for this movie. Instead of making a movie that fans of the book would love, Kwapis made a cheesy drama that I would feel is insulting to fans of the book, all hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, and the elderly community in general. The best parts of the book were removed and replaced with unnecessary drama, dumb jokes that don’t even qualify as slapstick, and a hopeless feeling that Bryson and Katz are hiking not towards a better friendship and an appreciation for nature, but towards their failure and regret laden graves.

Overall, this film has absolutely no redeeming qualities. Reading the book inspired me to hike the Appalachian Trail so I could be a part of American history and gain a better appreciation of the natural world. Watching the movie inspired me to hike the Appalachian Trail so I could get as far away from the movie as possible.

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Yep it is terrible. In future if you want to reboot a movie franchise, please do so without enticing me to the cinema. The stunts are awful, the fight scenes are trying to recreate Stathamness and everything appears to have been done on a miniscule budget without any thought for consequence, what the audience thinks or sees, or without any due regard for linear time…….

Do not bother with it. Ed Skrein or whatever his name is, is just not Statham, I don’t like Statham, but he is a far better actor than Skrein.

I am now forced to write additional lines because I am not allowed to write a review less than ten lines, about a film which does not deserve ten lines of my time or space on the internet. How it managed 53% on Rotten tomatoes is beyond me


Haven’t seen the previous 3 Transporter films & have only heard of them. Though seeing this I thought it was a sequel until I later found out before going to see this, that it was a remake of the original series.

I’d say this film was pretty great! Had some really epic scenes of fighting, car chases & action sequences! The women (bits fist) were great in this also!

Though abit confusing here & there as to what was going on! This was one fast paced action thriller I won’t forget in a hurry!

Overall 8/10

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I watched the premiere last night and I don’t have many words to say. It’s because the movie left me without any impression. I didn’t have any emotions during the whole movie except maybe one scene that had me reminded of my ultra experience. Also, the plot is predictable and it’s all kind of superficial. A first half an hour was so boring and then I felt it could go up to the better, but no, the rest was the average even though the action have little changed and a bit of drama was dropped, but not enough good scenes to keep me interested. Movie soundtrack could be much, much better, as well. If you need to kill an hour and a half go watch it, but if you want to see some good movie don’t. Maybe a little bit of naked Zac would save the day, but that also did’t happen.

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This thriller about an American family caught up in a bloody coup in an unnamed South East Asian country is exciting from start to finish. It’s a fictional thriller with elements of some real terror we have seen in true stories like ‘Hotel Rwanda’ and ‘The Killing Fields’. The on location (Thailand) filming is atmospheric.

The action from the street fighting to the hotel rooftop to the office building and embassy is nail bitingly tense.

Owen Wilson shows he is convincing and believable in dramatic roles. He was great in ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ and it’s good to see him back in a non comedic role again. Lake Bell plays his supportive wife and it’s good they make her character quite likable and non irritating. The kids on the other hand have just a couple of annoying scenes as expected.

Pierce Brosnan acts as a British agent of some sort who provides the political correctness by explaining that exploitation by Western governments and companies caused the coup.

Some criticisms of this movie aren’t fair. It’s not fair to say it’s unrealistic or ridiculous, it is a thriller so that’s like saying ‘Mission Impossible’ is unrealistic. Another is that portraying a South East Asian country with such brutal savagery is 30 or 40 years out of date. Actually it had to be a relatively stable place or he wouldn’t have taken his family there. Things explode suddenly. If you think about it, it’s not really that far fetched. Ironically to show how things have changed Vietnam is the safe haven here.

Overall the most exciting thriller in a long time.

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Straight Outta Compton is the story of N.W.A, a group of 5 men growing up in Compton and the struggle they face with the police as well as their rise to fame and how they influenced the world. As controversial as the group is, they have inspired many including myself, this film is a perfect reflection of that.

From the beginning we get a glimpse into how the police treated these people because of their skin colour. This was a very real thing and the film does a perfect job at showing this, to an almost shocking degree. First off,the cast is perfect. O’Shea Jackson shines in particular. He plays Ice Cube and is actually his son in real life. It can’t be easy playing your father, but he makes it seem that way. His mannerisms and look are just brilliant, it is almost as if we are seeing Ice Cube himself. Dr. Dre and Eazy-E are also played brilliantly and i could not see anyone doing a better job. This film is very much based around those three members of NWA, whilst DJ Yella and MC Ren do have parts to play it was a bit odd that they didn’t get nearly enough screen time as Cube, Dre and E. Paul Giamatti also appears as manager of NWA Jerry Heller. I’m not entirely sure how accurate his role was in the movie but Paul Giamatti does great at being part caring manager, part corporate douchebag.

Around the third act the film slows down in pace as it shows us the fall of NWA and the feud with Ice Cube. Where many people saw this as a flaw, i was as entertained with this portion of the film as i was with the rest of it. We start to see how the members of the group are dealing with their own personal issues, so as a result we get a good look behind the scenes of the glamour and music as well as the personal lives of people we thought we knew. For example, we get to see Ice Cube writing the script for Friday which shows how he is moving on from NWA. A character in the film talks about how NWA is glamorising drugs and violence, as producers Ice Cube and Dr. Dre do brilliantly at showing us how this wasn’t the case. You can really see in the writing that they are passionate about this story.

Overall, Straight Outta Compton is one of the gems of the year. The soundtrack is brilliant and had me rapping along to the lyrics on more than one occasion. It made me laugh, it made me tear up at points and in a way it really inspired me to be what i want to be. I highly recommend this film to absolutely anyone who will listen. It demands to be seen in cinemas and is one i will most definitely be buying on blu-ray. One of 2015’s best movies and that is no exaggeration. Time to go home and blast out the old NWA records.


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Industry pundits are gob smacked and they have every reason to be. What started as an over the top action spectacle has turned into a refined espionage thriller, albeit still a tall tale, but close on the heels of recent Bond films. Now in its fifth installment, and 20 years later, the Mission Impossible franchise has finally found its niche by almost entirely abandoning the cheese.

In some ways, Rogue Nation could also have the edge over Daniel’s Craig’s Bond flicks when considering the latter’s tradition for forced romance and prototype gadgetry. None of that here, and thankfully, no time inflating fillers either. That said, there isn’t much of a story either and John Le Carre fans will eat through the plot before you can say “I spy”. Instead, Rogue Nation offers the best thrills in the series where the ride has prominence over the destination. For now, all you need to know is that the IMF has found its diabolical equal in The Syndicate, a shadow organization responsible for orchestrating devastating geo-political terror attacks around the world. But just when Ethan Hunt discovers their leader, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), CIA director Hunley (Alec Baldwin) disbands the IMF, citing unorthodox engagement tactics. Working from the shadows, and double crossed by double agents, Hunt does what he does best – a series of impossible missions that leaves us breathless.

Reprising his role as Hunt, it would only be half-truth to say that Rogue Nation is all Tom Cruise. But with Cruise actually performing his own stunts, it’s fair to say that the success of this film emanates from his unmatched delivery as an aging action hero. Unless Cruise is nourished from a secret fountain of youth, doing all that he does at the age of 53 is in itself an incredible feat and worth the price of admittance. The other half emanates from insane white-knuckle action paused only by Hitchcockian moments of suspense. Flanking adrenaline packed car and bike chases are two nail biting scenes – one takes place above the stage of a Viennese opera and the second in an underwater vault which appears to be shot in one take. Both scenes are insanely pulse pounding and precisely why this installment is the best in the series.

That casting takes a backseat could be a dent in the overall making of this film. Although Simon Pegg is back for comic relief and he delivers, Jeremy Renner’s inclusion serves no purpose at any point during the plot. Additionally, Harris as the villain is more annoying than threatening, and visibly weak in comparison to Philip Seymour-Hofmann’s mesmerising delivery in Mission Impossible III. Even so, none of this diminishes from the sheer entertainment factor of this film and precisely why the franchise has been accumulating a massive fan base.

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I don’t think Sinister 2 was better than the first but in some respects it was at the very least as good as. I think the cast wasn’t quite as strong and it didn’t have the experience and Hollywood clout that Ethan Hawke brought to the table. Still, it does give it a more indie feel and really builds on the Bughuul lore that is built up in the first one. I love this legend they’ve created in this series and it could be a long term franchise if they handle it right. They still sort of leave Bughuul in the background of the story although its less so the case in the sequel but I think we really need an entry in the series that brings him to the forefront. Makes him a truly evil and viable foe. One of the creepiest and best parts of the first film was the use of the 8MM films that Hawke finds in his attic and this film realizes that aspect and uses it even more making them in depth and even more disturbing and a really vital part of the story. Fortunately they don’t overdo it but they are definitely used a lot. The tension is there although not quite as much as the first and the pacing was a little slower. There was also a few key plot holes that I couldn’t get past but overall this is a worthy sequel that horror fans will enjoy. I’m still waiting for them to really take the series to new heights because the potential is there.

There is nothing more that I love than a protagonist returning in a horror series. In this case you have a bit character from the first one played by James Ransone who I thought should have had a bigger role in the first one. He is now the lead and he’s actually very charismatic. He has a sort of bizarre personality, very awkward and nervous seeming but it suits his character and somehow it doesn’t come across as campy. I hope he comes back again in the future and perhaps we will learn why we have not been giving his character’s name yet in two films. Shannyn Sossamon plays the single Mom protecting her two boys on an abandoned farm. Sossamon, much like Ransone, has an awkward almost nervous quality about her and some of her lines aren’t delivered the best but it works for her and she is decent in the role. Her and Ransone have good chemistry that is left mostly unexplored. Real life brothers Robert Daniel Sloan and Dartanian Sloan play Sossamon’s sons that are targeted by Bughuul. Both do a great job and actually shine more than the adult cast. The twist involving them isn’t much of one but they both do a great job regardless. Lea Coco is also good in a small role as their abusive father. I would have rather seen him get a better ending because they establish him as a really awful person early on.

Sinister 2 lacks a lot of expertise. It doesn’t have any big Hollywood experience behind it either on cast or crew. Director Ciaran Foy has very little experience behind the camera and while I think he does add a distinctive indie quality to the film, it needs someone with a more experienced eye to really make it jump. It even feels a little bit rushed but I’m glad they connect it to the first film but I hope they go a little bigger with a third instalment and use this as more of a bridge between the two. There are definitely some genuinely scary moments and it gets under your skin much like the first one did but its just lacking a certain something. The first film felt like it was paying an homage to Stephen King and this one continues that feel as well. I kept thinking how much some of the scenery and certain scenes felt like “Children of The Corn” and then I come to find out that there intention was to pay respects to exactly that story so they are successful in that vein. The setting definitely has a feeling of isolation and creepy backwater locales. Definitely worth watching but won’t impress you like the original. 7/10

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Genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, he’s the culmination of decades of research, engineered to have unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence.

Known only as Agent 47, his target is a corporation that plans to unlock the secret of his past to create an army of killers even more powerful than him.

With help from a young woman, the titular assassin confronts revelations about his own origins in an epic battle with his deadliest foe…..

I was always curious as to why 20th Century Fox would try to reboot one of the most inane, boring, movies based on a video game ever made. The original Hit-man had absolutely nothing going for it, and Olyphant, as good an actor as he is, was a poor choice for 47.

And now it appears that history has repeated itself. Here, Rupert Friend is this movies poor choice for the title role (Friend is a wonderful actor), but this time it’s become pretty clear as to why films based on this particular game will never work, Agent 47 literally has nothing about him, no personality, and the fact the film hardly touches his origin just makes the film that little more incoherent.

So the film consists of above average set piece, inane boring exposition for twenty minutes, above average set piece….etc, until the delusional promise of a continuation to the film at the end.

Quinto turns up early in the film, and brings a little life for a while, but then there is a revelation about his character later on, and then he becomes as autonomous as our favourite numerical based agent.

It’s a step up from the 2007 travesty, but that’s like saying breaking a toe isn’t as bad as breaking a finger.

It looks good, there are a few inventive action sequences, but really, there was no need to make this……which makes me very concerned for Hollywood and its lack of ideas.

I have lots of ideas for movies, really good concepts too. Employ me if you want…..

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Matthew Vaughn started off the race with Kingsman and now here is his pal Guy Ritchie going ahead and winning it. Just about.

I have been waiting for the movie to open in India (28th August) and at the first available opportunity, got my eyballsfull. And I have never been happier.

I cannot remember the last time I was as taken in by the good looks, the capabilities and the on-screen chemistry of the two male leads who, in every frame hold their own while producing an output so seamless that you marvel at how capable Guy Ritchie is at doing this stuff.

If I had to choose between the two leads, I would have to pull my hair out and poke my eyes. They are that good. One a picture of cool elegance combined with the debonair chutzpah of an accomplished moonlighter, and the other counter-balancing half, of a stereotypical, half-deranged, fully-indestructible, three-quarters-vulnerable, and four-fifths-ruthless KGB agent played to orgasmic perfection by Armie Hammer, we shouldn’t be asking for more.

It is here we experience true generosity. Ritchie offers more. Italian settings,period style car chases, Going over the Berlin wall, and the oh so honeyed British voice of Hugh Grant.

The laughs are real, and they are loud, the tension is titillating, the chases engaging, every scene crafted to perfection, doing just what it is meant to do.

If I were a betting man, I would have bet my house and your too on the movie. Heck, I would still bet them if I weren’t. Watch it, and like it. There is no other way.

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Buried somewhere deep within the mangled mess of the spy thriller American Ultra is a compelling love story struggling to get out. Unfortunately, the main story, about a sleeper agent with a target on his head, is unfocused and half-written and just gets in the way. That’s too bad because when the movie just observes its two leads, it’s quite a lovely story. We’ll get to the spy stuff in just a minute.

For a while, I kind of got caught up in the love story. We meet Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg), a perpetual loser whose life is a long, slow ride going nowhere. The only light in his life is his long-time girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) who seems to have no real reason to be with this stoner, but she sticks by his side with a stubborn devotion that is either admirable or foolhardy depending on your point of view.

Mike is broken, not a bad person, just a little broken. He is prone to panic attacks that have ruined more than one attempt to take Phoebe on a vacation to Hawaii. They spend their nights talking and getting high and there is a light in her eyes when she looks at him. He knows he’s a mess. He knows he’s a burden to her and is always apologizing when his panic attacks ruin their plans. Outside of his dysfunctions, Mike spends his nights working at a grubby convenience store that looks as if it is clinging to the edge of the world. Inside it is dim and quiet with an atmosphere fit for a Stephen King novel. It seems a perfect symbolic match to his circumstances.

What I have described, unfortunately, is the first 15 minutes of the movie. After that, the spy plot comes barreling in the door and what has been gained character-wise goes right out the window. The main plot has been spoiled in the trailer, but if you’re intending to see this movie cold, stop reading now.

One night at work, a woman (Connie Britton from “American Horror Story”) walks into the store and starts speaking gibberish to Mike. He says he doesn’t understand and she turns and leaves. Later, in the parking lot, two men advance on him and he dispatches them with a spoon and cup of hot soup. It turns out that Mike is a sleeper agent from a defunct government program run by the CIA and the project leader (Topher Grace) wants him dead. The woman speaking gibberish is a CIA agent who is trying to save his skin.

What follows is a spy movie in the vein of Jason Bourne, but this movie is a lot less polished. The ads make this look like fun, slacker version of the TV show “Chuck” but it’s actually a dead serious action thriller with buckets of blood and a higher body count then most horror movies (seriously, a guy gets an axe to the head). I could call it by-the-numbers, but there seem to be numbers missing. This is a very badly written movie. There are characters and motivations and plot threads that are brought up but then never referred to again.

Some plot developments are left hanging. There is a character played by Bill Pullman whose function in the movie, I guess, is to be a superior at the CIA. He drops in at the beginning of the movie and then comes back at the end, but darned if I could explain his role or why he’s even here. There’s also seems to be some connection between Topher Grace and the Kristen Stewart character that seems to hint at a personal or perhaps romantic history but it is never explained and goes nowhere. They talk as if they’ve been close in the past but the movie never tells us what their connection is. It’s frustrating.

American Ultra is a maddening experience. There seem to be scenes and explanations that are left out, almost as if we’re seeing a clumsily edited version of the finished product. At a brisk 95 minutes, I wouldn’t doubt if there’s a longer cut somewhere. Not that I need any more of the spy stuff, but a little more of that wonderful love story might be nice.

Truthfully, the worst part of American Ultra is that as soon as I finish writing this review the movie will slip quickly from my mind. By the end of the week, I won’t remember half of it. A month from now I won’t remember the title. Other than the nice chemistry between the two leads, there’s nothing really here to stick in your memory. It’s a good looking but badly written piece of business that bludgeons a sweet indie romance with a blowhard Hollywood plot. If you have to see a movie this weekend, go and see Straight Outta of Compton and save this one for DVD. Maybe then you’ll get a longer cut and maybe it’ll make more sense.

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‘The Gift’ is a mystery thriller starring Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and is the directorial debut for Joel Edgerton who also starred in the film. The film had a very creepy and suspenseful tone for most of the movie that has you on the edge of your seat. I will say right out of the gate that if you fall asleep easily and aren’t into slower films this is probably something you might not last through, because to create that suspense the film is a very slow burn for pretty much the entire film.

For the first hour of the film i was completely engaged and the creepy tone had my full attention, the film had me trying to guess what would happen next only to prove me wrong on most occasions. It was a great unpredictable ride right until that one hour mark where it almost looks like someone else took the reigns and steered the film in another direction. For the whole second act it ditches the the suspense for 30 minutes of strict character development with some development of the main plot that answers a question that could have been answered in like 5- 10 minutes with the same resulting effects. This imbalance really damaged the film and the sudden switch in tone felt more like a lifetime drama with a hint of mystery than a straight up mystery thriller.

The film does manage to revert back to the creepy and unsettling mysterious tones in what resulted in an incredible final 15 minutes that had me in awe. The first hour of the film in combination with the fantastic finale shows that Joel Edgerton can do a really good job at creating a film with good tone, characters and plot that work really well together, but that drop off in the second act shows that he still has a little more to learn in the art of directing.

Lets now move on to the cast and their performances, to me, i thought the whole cast were pretty great and it was a relatively small cast with only Jason Bateman, Joel Edgerton, and Rebecca Hall playing characters you will remember. They all did a great job at playing their characters and they didn’t feel cliché and acted very natural and how you would think some people would react in these situations. Joel Edgerton proved his acting skills again as he nailed that fine line between creepy and generous that had me second guessing myself an many many moments. I was particularly curious to see if Jason Bateman could take on this very serious role and execute it well, as we are used to seeing him in more strictly comedic roles. And now i have to believe that he will be getting more of these roles in the future because of this very convincing performance playing a character who gets more and more interesting as the film goes on, and just as the character got more interesting Jason was getting better and better.

In the end, this indie mystery thriller is a good example why indie films are becoming some of the best films to release this year and can really go up against the big blockbusters.

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12 films into the Marvel Cinematic Universe can Marvel keep up their stellar track record? Lets start off with the cast, when the film was nearing production there was talk of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Paul Rudd being favourites for the lead role of Scott Lang, to me both were laughable ideas for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Boy was I WRONG, Paul Rudd as Scott Lang may be my favourite casting in the entire MCU, he was brilliant be it from dropping the typical Rudd jokes we’re used to or actually portraying real emotion when talking about his daughter. Not only was Rudd a brilliant call, I loved the entire cast, Michael Peña was absolutely hilarious, he even rivalled Rudd in his comedic ability, Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket was also another inspired choice I mean everybody in this film was spot on in my opinion. Then we have Douglas and Lilly, who had some a wonderful father and daughter dynamic that just felt so real.

Now we have the visuals even in the modern day of the height of CG it is a bit of a baffling thought to imagine seeing a man running around underground with ants and it to not look stupid. However as ALWAYS ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) delivered some truly stunning visuals. I don’t want to pick out specific scenes, because really they all stand out in their brilliance seeing him shift from man size to ant size in the blink of an eye is like something straight from the page of a book. There is also two scenes towards the end of the film I know you guys and girls will love they involve an ant and Thomas The Tank Engine (not that part from the trailer, it’s even better). Marvel have done it yet again, delivered some stunning effects as they continue to do.

Onto the story, while it is not going to win awards for originality, the story was very fun I thought. Even though Edgar Wright left the project, you could still feel some of his comedic styling in the film, I’d like to know if Tomas The Tank Engine was his idea, feels like a very silly British approach to humour. While the point of the film is not primarily meant to be a comedy, however having Edgar Wright, Joe Cornish, Paul Rudd and Adam McKay write the script you should expect a fair few giggles and this doesn’t disappoint in that sense. The film is filled with laughs, action, nods to the MCU and even heart strings pulling scenes.

The film touches on some subjects that really hit home for me, which was a nice change of pace for a superhero film. I mean we all want to relate to superheroes in our own way, I just think this felt more relatable the whole Hank and Hope relationship was wonderfully done by Douglas and Lilly, if these types of performances continue I can see an actor/actress getting an Oscar nom for their work on a superhero film. Great times ahead for us “nerds” yay! Overall, I absolutely LOVED Ant-Man it’s very different from the rest of the MCU but exactly the same in some aspects. I will be straight up, I expected this to be easily the worst in Phase 2, I’d say joint second with Winter Soldier after Age Of Ultron for me and I know I gave Winter Soldier a 10 and this a 9, but I still think they are equally as good as each other if that makes sense? No, it doesn’t not even to me, but I stand by it. Plus this gets massive bonus points for a certain reference to a friendly neighbourhood somebody :p. Hard to believe that Marvel have delivered again with a character hardly known outside comic readers, they have kicked ass with both Ant-Man and Guardians, here is to the future of the MCU!

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a historical account that acknowledges the influence (much less the existence of) the Minions throughout time. No matter how many textbooks are produced and released each year, almost ZERO of them note the presence of this incredibly powerful minority group.

Well, where history has silenced the Minions, let this surprisingly accurate documentary speak volumes. I found no embellishments of history throughout this 91-minute feature. It would have been easy to swing the pendulum of power to overemphasize the history of the Minions as it relates to major world events, but the filmmakers didn’t go for the easy shots. They simply told the truth, and what we are left with are the clear facts of what really happened to the dinosaurs, the cavemen, and–what I’m sure will be most controversially– the true lineage of royalty in England. Very bold.

If this doesn’t win the Oscar for Documentary Feature, we will truly know which side of history the Academy stands on.

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I waited to see this movie in theaters to have the experience by myself without others’ reactions imposed on me. I didn’t read too much about the film other than it was bad. I didn’t delve into the reasons why it was bad because I wanted to give the movie a clean shot.

It was terrible. The film seemed like a long TV pilot episode that should never for any reason see the light of air time or ever be considered to develop. The dark story that the film was going for didn’t work out. The movie was only an hour and forty minutes. There was no time to focus and develop characters and story. It seemed as if the movie had scenes that were haphazardly cut together without any sort of flow or structure.

The director Josh Tank (Chronicle) made this look like a comic geek’s student film with a big budget. Tank came out and said that the studio forced harsh restrictions on him, but even if this movie was an hour longer I don’t think it would help. Not only is the story terrible the dialogue is cringe-worthy. The actors in this film seemed hollow and shallow. Since the dialogue is so bad I don’t think they were given anything to work with.

Now the one thing I read that gave the movie some credit was it’s special effects. There was one scene, the new dimension, that had decent effects and you see it in the trailer. The rest looked like today’s CGI techniques were used on a Windows 95.

While Fantastic Four had potential to be another great superhero flick it failed disastrously. What the film ultimately lacked was direction. The story felt forced and chopped together; and, the actors seemed unable to bring energy to their characters with the dialogue. The CGI wasn’t good and there’s not much left to have any positives. Some of it was entertaining but it was far from fantastic.

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Terminator Genisys shows that a modern Terminator movie still pleases. What exactly is the appeal of these movies? What has drawn us to this series, is it the cool robots? Is it the action? The compelling plots where things hang on the edge? What really draws us to these movies, which do better than virtually every other series is the primal urge that you have already experienced in your mythical things. When you glide through the night streets, like a shadow, free from all orders, from all organizations, during those moments, those tranquil moments when it’s just you and a vast open space. All you hear is far off sounds, things shimmer around, what is going on? You are back to what many daredevils have experienced for millenniums. You can taste the air as it’s thick, almost seeing the colors of it, those tiny little spiraling objects floating around that appear if you space out too long. You see the color of space in between, you taste that heavy air. You hear only what they say in music is “Breve rest”, just ” . . . “, just emptiness, but there is sound all in itself in this. This fires you up inside because we are now wolves as we’ve always been and every little step or eye movement will tell our own tales out into that beyond. you look up and see a vivid blue skyline above, you’re in the crossroads of worlds right now. That is what is so core that tapes into our urges, these characters are unconnected and do whatever in the heck they please in our city and street planet, where other movies have people part of orders, headquarters, groups, acting together, while in the Terminator movies it’s a bunch of lowly plebes cast out and having to win victorious or lose by their dust and sweat wits, and their only helpers are just loosely connected for the moment, 1-3 people or so and no one else. There is time travel trickery, there is making characters becoming like legendary icons now. The pace of the movie moves fast, there is no pondering that so many movies like to meander on.

Of course the movie is re-working a time line from the original movie The Terminator, and the only confusing moments were actually following the plot as it is being told, most of it by exposition from Terminator himself (played by Arnold of course) as he usually answers a lot of questions that are asked by the other heroes Kyle and Sarah. The plot is as one would expect re- creating a lot of the time travel stories into different angles. The heroes, Kyle, the hero from the future, and Sarah, the working class person who becomes a warrior, are a continuation from the original Terminator and are played assuredly by new faces, they are naturalistic and play their parts well caught in the element of their conflict. The movie’s main bad guy is someone that surprises you and gives another take on the series’s villains. The neutral players are as usual, the government officials who have no clue what is going on, the people in ties and police, completely surprised at what’s going on. The movie can be viewed without viewing the original Terminator because everything is self-contained here including the beginning which nicely explains and sets everything, and goes into detail, of course that is for the modern movie theater goer. I’m sure all of us have viewed the other movies. There are numerous funny moments throughout, just between the main characters toward one another, namely the human hero Kyle’s interactions with Terminator, and Sarah’s interactions with him. As well as some of the city officials who come into contact, the humor is not too much or goofy but is so nicely put in. As they say comedy is the toughest genre so adding it in here requires effort and it’s pulled off great. I myself went myself, to my right some people, to my left some couple. My eye was amazed at seeing this latest tale unravel in our modern skyscraper streets… and in particular those moments of empty worlds out there, when you are a daredevil ready to dole out exactly how things are going to be. That is the best message i got from this movie, that because it on a whim just re-creates and re-creates how things will go and nothing is set, just like we are the masters of our actions. Too much to take on our shoulders? Oh no, just think of it as we hold the invisible strands of power over us. You too can ride around a red motorbike and roll up building steps with it wearing sunglasses at night.

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Mike is persuaded by his past twerking buddies to take a road trip to a stripper’s convention. He has been out of the game for three years now. They have an accident and meet up with Mike’s ex.

Yeah, that sounds about right. There’s a whole lot of talking about a whole bunch of nothing. And even if I may not be the intended target audience, it really took like forty minutes before the film even gets to the goods. Those boys don’t dance around for a good while and still then, the best dancing doesn’t even come from the mates on the road trip. Channing Tatum can move but the other guys are dead weight.

Gregory Jacobs was the first assistant director on the first “Magic Mike”. He has, however, been the first AD on a few of Steven Soderbergh’s films. Now they decide to both produce a sequel where Jacobs can take the director’s chair and Soderbergh will make some real poor decisions with lighting, composition and editing. The film is so badly lit that so much of it is in darkness. And when it is lit then it’s odd. Highlighting weird features. Felt like a student film.

The characters are hardly admirable characters, perhaps they’re not meant to be. But then they sit around and talk about the difficulties of being so beautiful, how it holds them back and how connections are so difficult. It’s a little juvenile, self indulgent and boring. Then the film tries reaching for that two-hour mark to really test the idea of patience. But the characters: you have the tall Greek god type with the monster junk that no woman can handle. Then there’s the aged guy who looks like a run down version of Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler”. He cant act and is bile-bubbling watching him strip down to a tiny G-string. This ken doll retard that actually just comes off a little weak and whiny. And the Latino guy because that shows diversity. Apparently.

The obstacles? They each have to come to terms with being ripped and beautiful (except the wrestler, he needs to come to terms with being really old). Other than that I don’t really see any obstacles.

Okay, for the good stuff. There are two-dance scenes that are really impressive. The choreography is impeccable. The first is in a secret strip club where Mike is challenged and laps up flipping and twisting women around as he bangs them, rhythmically. And the last dance where Mike and a new guy pull of an impressive reflective dance routine with two women on chairs. Channing Tatum won’t come off looking unskilled in this little drama. Jada Pinkett Smith is quite sassy as the stripping MC. And the soundtrack is pretty great. Other than that…

I want to say that this one is really for the ladies but I feel the ladies might even be disappointed with the amount of fun to be had in a film that appears to have been more fun to make. There’s ten minutes of worthy entertainment but another hundred and five minutes that you have to sift through. “Magic Mike XXL” is a weird mash up of a road-trip-dance- comp-brothel film that’s just boring.

Ill give it some points for the dancing sequences.

If you agree check out if not, come cuss me out.

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There is a rating system in these reviews with one being awful. Well, I didn’t give it a one but it’s close to it. What is it about Seth McFarlane that studios want to give him money to make feature films? Ted 2, the sequel to Ted, did not bring a hint of laughter to me. I had watched the first film and couldn’t sit through it and never had any inclination to watch it again. Now comes Ted 2 and I did the same thing. I though at least this would make up for the first one but it didn’t. It left me humorless. With McFarlane’s Million Ways to Die in The West, I looked for the funny but sat through that epic lemon without protest. With ted 2, it’s just not funny to me. Yeah, I get the joke but these are DOA jokes. The sperm jokes were too easy to telegraph. Who didn’t see a cart of sperm falling on Mark Wahlberg must have went to get popcorn. And the dope smoking lawyer was just lazy writing. Why couldn’t she have Turrets and have ticks? McFarlane’s limited or perhaps overused range of dope, crude humor, drugs and musical dance numbers has its limits to an audience. The musical dance number just laid there for the audience. The silence was just a precursor for things to come.The next time a studio gives Seth McFarlane money to make a film, use it as toilet paper instead

Thunder buddies for life.

The story is about Ted and Tami-Lynn are married and the next step is having a baby but Ted can’t be legally regarded as a parent unless he can prove his is “human” in a court of law.

Now looking back on the first Ted movie I got say I changed my mind on it a bit and what I mean is that it wasn’t as great as I remembered it to be, but I still think it’s decent enough to give it a pass as a comedy and a film. But then I heard news about a squeal in the works and then I heard that Amanda Seyfried, Morgan Freeman and Liam Neeson was in the film and that alone give me a little interest in the movie just by that movie news. I wasn’t jumping for excitement for this movie as I the movie didn’t look anything special, just squeal bait.

Now after seeing Ted 2 I’m not very impressed of what I watched, actually this movie is pretty bloated for it’s own good.

What I liked in the first Ted movie is the chemistry between Mark Wahlberg and the character Ted. They back and forward humor really worked if you would believe it, I mean a pot smoking talking teddy bear hanging around with Elliot Moore from The Happening would actually work is just beyond this world. And here they chemistry is still good just like in the first movie.

The movie did make me laugh a couple of times as that’s mainly Wahlberg and Seth chemistry in the movie and some other stuff that’s only a small little nod to a film or TV and it was funny at first until late on where they stretched out the joke to the point were it got really old and really stale very fast. But I do think this movie is way better then Seth MacFarlane last movie A Million Way to Die in the West as that movie didn’t even try and was pretty forgettable, I mean it’s been a year since that movie came out and I forgotten pretty much all of it.

What really surprise me is how messy the movie is and the movie doesn’t know what it wants to be, because these three different things going on in this movie like Ted is trying to prove that he’s a human because him and he’s wife want a baby but Ted needs to prove he’s human so he can be legally parent (Yeah I know it doesn’t make any sense, just go for it for now) oh and these a road trip in the movie and remember that stalker in the first Ted movie that kidnapped Ted well he’s back in this movie. That’s the whole movie of Ted 2 for you. Oh one last thing, Ted 2 is kind of the same as the first, I wish I can go into details of that but that would be spoiling it for some people who may have interest of seeing this movie and I’m being nice here and won’t be spoiling anything.

Before seeing this movie I thought that Amanda Seyfried wasn’t going to do anything great, I thought that she was just filling it in for the money, but I got to say that she was pretty good in the movie. She actually did something with the story and didn’t feel like a background character. She was Wahlberg worked really well with each other and Ted as well. Same thing with Morgan Freeman.

Overall Ted 2 isn’t all that great to me. As I said before about a billion of times by now you may disagree and like the movie and completely overall on what I said, again that’s fine that’s cool, enjoy what you enjoy, but I’m sticking what I put down and it won’t change anytime soon.

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My wife talked me into seeing this movie and boy am I glad. It had a riveting plot (sort of a thriller), respectable acting and beautiful scenery (it’s supposed to be in Texas but it isn’t). Thomas Haden Church was outstanding as the hard edged war veteran dad with haunting memories of the Gulf War. Josh Wiggins as the self absorbed younger brother does a believable portrayal of someone who finally cares about something other than himself .The theater was pretty full of mostly adults for a 10am showing and the audience spontaneously applauded at movie’s end. Highly recommended kid/dog movie ever right up there with Old Yeller. It’s full of fast paced action and is a fitting tribute to our war veterans and canine corps.

I was waiting for this film for almost 6-7 months and watched it on the opening day. It’s a good movie but I probably had high expectations. If I were the director, I would’ve made the movie differently. I would’ve started the film with a phone call to Ray or Pamela from the army saying that they have to take Max down. Then they’ll decide to visit Max and when they do there should’ve been enough reason that Max is totally out of control. I think the director failed in this aspect terribly. There was not much evidence that Max is out of control and has to be taken down. The decision to take him down didn’t justify the visualization at all. And Justin didn’t have to give too much effort to bond with him either. I thought it’s gonna be everyone’s film, instead it was a kid film. Anyway, I will still give 10 for such an adorable dog, Max.

But it can’t help itself. Depending on how you yourself feel about dogs, the movie tends to go back and forth from the cheesiest thing I ever seen, to the most bad ass.

I saw this movie White Dog earlier this year and similar to that film they turn a dog into an action hero. A surprising thing to do in this day and age considering the action sequences in the movie made me concern that PETA would be all over their backs.

I think what I like most about the movie is that the film is more for the whole family. It was not really advertise as a kids thing per say most likely cause the action is pretty real and not cartoonish (accept when the dog is concern which cannot be help).

But the movie is cheese. It’s another film that exploits America’s unconditional love for our troops. Plus all the standard cliché’s of a movie like this seemed even more one dimensional. The protagonist who was a troubled kid did not convince me that he was troubled and his relationship with his love interest seemed forced.

Otherwise, the only real reason to see this movie is to watch the dog prove how easy it is to be an action star.